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November 13, 2009 by EDubya

I find the idea of hierarchy endlessly interesting. Tangentially related to the aforementioned Sears Wishbook, my grade school friend and I used to play this game where we would take a huge catalog, like the Wishbook or JCPenny, or whatever we had, and we would sit together and go through page by page, announcing the order in which we would want every item on the page. This was as great a game on the pages filled with absolute crap as it was on the pages flush with barbies. Hmmm…Do I want the table saw before the rolling tool cart?? I JUST DON’T KNOW! I do know that I will take either of them before I take the socket set.

We all use all kinds of hierarchies every day. Every time we eat in a restaurant, and go over the menu, we invariably set up our hierarchy of what we will order. “Well, I’m going to order the cobb salad, unless the soup is tomato bisque, because then I want the soup….UNLESS the special is the mac and cheese they have sometimes, because then I just want that…every. single. day. until. I. die.” God help us if we get our plan in place only to find out that they are OUT of our first choice. Sometimes the distance between first and second is a long, long painful one.

When I pull into the parking lot at my office every day, I have a definite order of preference for parking spots. First, I want the one right by the door I will use when I leave. If it isn’t available ( Shout out to the chick with the disney themed car shade, that works at the other end of the building that has to take my very favorite spot for some reason, even though it is the longest walk possible to her door. ) I will take one across the driveway, near the squirrel-infested dumpster. Failing *that* I will park in the lot near the front entrance, but that will be the start of a suck day, guaranteed.

When we get married we line up our loved ones in our bridal party in a hierarchy. It is basically the order in which we would have them killed, given the choice.

You know it’s true.

Every night around these parts there is a little hierarchy ritual that takes place.

What is this, you ask? It is the order in which you choose possible ice cream treats from the freezer.

MIne goes something like this:

rockyroad1. Breyer’s Double Churn Light Rocky Road Ice Cream Bar - Tastes like LOVE with marshmallows.
2. Skinny Cow Vanilla w/ Caramel Cone - Good if you need a little crunch…or if you are on your second ice cream of the night. : | Shut up.
3.Skinny Cow French Vanilla Truffle Bars. Often Shorthanded as “Bedazzled”. (distant third)

Most often, I can’t be bothered if I’m down to number three for a first choice. We’ve been known to make grocery runs late at night to fill up our freezer with other, better numbers.

Below, is @aaronh ‘s hierarchy. (You’ll note that his number two appears NO WHERE on my list.)

1. Breyer’s Double Churn Light Rocky Road Ice Cream Bar – Yeah, that’s problematic, cus if there is only one… Well, I generally get it, cus he’s just as happy with his number two.
2. Skinny Cow Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich - I don’t like how it makes my fingers messy. End of enchantment.
3. Skinny Cow Vanilla w/ Caramel Cone - again, it is all about the crunch.

What are your daily hierarchies?

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  1. Tyler says:

    Ok, we’re definitely adding the “Skinny Cow Vanilla w/ Caramel Cone” to the indulgence category on the shopping list. I’ve only had their ice cream sandwiches, but I’m open to change.

  2. blake says:

    You should just key the Disney chick’s car. That’ll learn her to fool with the Topix crew.

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