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Awesome Begets Awesome

November 14, 2009 by EDubya

Jane@aaronh introduced me to a new blog. It’s called “My Parents Were Awesome“, and it is…well…awesome. It is full of the submitted pictures of readers’ parents being their super cool selves “back in the day”, as the kids say. Highly recommend.

I leave you with this photo, not from the blog. My Grandma Jane.

She was awesome.

One summer day, at Mammoth Lakes, she took my brother and sister and I to get ice cream cones. She sent us in by ourselves and waited in the car. We all emerged, everyone with their ice cream, except me. She asked what happened, and the bigger kids told her about how I was handed my ice cream cone, took one lick, and the scoop fell off onto the floor.

She was livid.

She got out of the car and told us she was going to “raise hell”.

They must serve delicious cones of rocky road ice cream in hell, cus that’s what she came back with.

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  1. Kari says:

    double awwwww

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