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Road Rager

November 17, 2009 by EDubya

I am pooped, and have nothing of any value to add tonight. However, I’m only on day 69 out of the 365 IN A ROW, I committed to, so I offer one tidbit.

So the other morning, I am driving to work, and was in the far left lane when I realize this [redacted] was tailgating me like a psycho. I moved over a lane, as I was about to exit onto another freeway anyway, and said [redacted] decided to change lanes right behind me. Then, with entitlement lapping up over the lip of the quadruple venti mocha YOU KNOW was in that car, [redacted] then swerved back into the fast lane to speed up (more than the 70 I was already going) to purposely swerve back and cut me off, just as I was exiting onto the other freeway. It was right out of a movie, not like a “Fast and Furious” type movie, more like “Idiocracy” meets “Attack of the Soccer-moms”.

It. Was. Amazing.

I might have tweeted something like, “Dear brand-new Mercedes driving road-rage ho, it would be a real shame if someone keyed your car while it still had dealer plates.”

Fast forward to last weekend when @aaronh and I are heading into Bill’s for lunch, and I see THE SAME CAR in the parking lot.

The. Same. Car.

The restaurant was packed, so the odds of determining just where the [redacted] was sitting were pretty slim. As fate would have it, we were seated next to a table with two parents and three children. I took one look, and knew immediately from the [redacted] vibe that this was *the* [redacted] from the freeway. Of course, there was really no way to know this, though I grew to loathe this person with an inexplicable urgency as we sat through lunch. Everything she did, made me more sure it was the [redacted]. I could have been just fixating misplaced loathing on a completely innocent party. I could have. Until she got up and left and drove away IN THE SAME CAR.

I knew it.

What a [redacted].

p.s. This is me being the bigger person and *not* posting the photo of her that I took as she drove away.

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    I demand the picture!

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